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About us

About us

Almelo encontro natura online THE STATUS AND PRIDE OF THE OWNER IS MEASURED OF THE OWNER IS MEASURED IN THE HEALTH AND WELL-BEING OF THEIR ANIMALS!ão-estou-a-procura-de-namorado.html Baltic Woodland – A modern, innovation driven company, that works hand-in-hand with scientists and engineers to create the highest quality product in the most eco-friendly way possible.

ivermectin 12 mg tablet for child pat MISSION

  • Ensure the well-being and health of your animal by providing the best possible product we can
  • Carry out scientific research with the aim to improve our product
  • Promote the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies in the production process

Environmentália.html 52% of Latvian territory is covered in forest; 34% of which consists of the incredibly straight, exclusive to Latvia, mast pine “Pinus Rigensis” (Riga’s Pine). The average height of these trees is 46 meters.

The availability and  properties of this tree makes it very desireable amongst local furniture makers.They treat and shape the wood to their neccessity, and in doing so create a byproduct – shavings.

To the majority of wood processing companies it’s just waste, but Baltic Woodland doesn’t like to waste, so we collect this resource and refine it using the safest, cleanest and most modern technology available.

A distinctive quality of the “Pinus Rigensis” is its soft texture and the large and highly concentrated amounts of essential oils it produces. Therefore, this wood in the form of shavings has antibacterial properties that help purify the air of your stable, and act as a prophylactic agent that helps ensure a high quality environment for your animals.


With the help of top of the industry engineers we have created a zero-waste production process in which we source our raw materials exclusively from wood processing plant byproduce, and even create more products from our own ‘waste’.

The dust and scobs that are filtrated out of the shavings that are used for animal bedding products are collected, and turned into our “EKO+” wood briquettes.

Baltic Woodland

  • Follows a rational consumption of raw materials
  • Facilitates the recycling of waste from the production process
  • Doesn’t use hazardous and/or toxic substances
  • Grows alongside technological advancements and respects the newest scientific achievement


Baltic Woodland believes that the quality of animal bedding is best reflected in the animal’s health. We provide dust-free and natural essential oil rich bedding products, which will

  • ensure a fresh and dry climate inside your stable
  • ‘look after’ your animals’ airways
  • reduce the amount of insects and minimise their ability to reproduce

A good mix of various size shavings will ensure an excellent absorption of moisture and ammonia, as well as create a soft ‘bed’ for your animal, reducing the strain on their joints, and preserving their physical well-being.

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